Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship

Looking for an Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship? Our factory produces top-quality, efficient dredger ships for all your sand dredging needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1 Year
After-sales Service
1 Year
Key Words
Small Sand Dredger
River Dredge
Sand Output
25-130 Tons/Hour
Dredge Depth
Within 20 Meters
Discharge Distance
100 Meters 150 Meters 200 Meters
Sand Dredging
4 Inch 6 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch
20 or 40 Container
Suction Method
Jet Suction
Portable Mini Small Dredging
Max. Flow Particle Dia. Allowed
Lift Head
10-15 Meters
Transport Package
4 -10 inch
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Portable Sand Dredger Machine

Product Description

Sand Dredge Barge is widely used for sand dredging, mud dredging, port building, and deepening, the centrifugal sand pump can produce a certain amount of vacuum, and the sand and mud are conveyed and discharged by pipeline and floater. 

The Sand Dredge Barge made  by OCEAN Pump can be self-propelled or non-self-propelled. The Sand Dredge Barge can  be dismantled and has a box-like structure. The dismantle type can be assembled at the working place easily and be transported by road, railway, and container accordingly, it is very convenient to install and move in the working place.  The power system of a Marine Equipment Low Price Sand Dredger  is an electric system or diesel engine driving system according to customers' requirements.

The working process of this
Sand Dredge Barge is  as followed. The high-pressure sand pump can produce a certain amount of vacuum so the underwater sand and mud can be mixed into a slurry, and the mixing slurry is conveyed through the pipeline to the specified place.
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship


Product Parameters

Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship

The technical parameters of the Marine Equipment Low Price Sand Dredgers
Model Dredger size a
(Water depth)
(dig depth)
(discharge distance)
e f
(Sand capacity)
L*W*H(m) (m) (m) (m) (m) (m) (tons/h)
4 inch 3 m*2 m*0.75 m 1-2 5-6 5-10 60-80 0-60 40-55
6 inch  5.8 m*2.2 m*1 m 1-2 6-8 10-12 80-100 0-80 55-80
8 inch  5.8 m*4.2 m*1 m 2-3 8-15 12-15 100-150 0-100 80-110
10inch 6.8 m*4.2 m*1 m 2-3 15-20 15-20 120-200 0-120 110-130

 Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship


Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
  1. High efficiency, large output, and long distance of pump.
  2. Very simple and fast assembly and disassembly, afloat or onshore, simple operation, easy to control.
  3. Good economic performance. The digging and delivery of material can be completed one time.
  4. Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs
  5. Good access to all parts, especially the dredge pump-wearing parts.
  6. The dredgers can be made according to the customers' requests.



Pictures Show


Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship


Successful Case

In July 2021, a customer named Daniel from Sierra Leone saw our sand-pumping work videos on the Internet. He felt that the Sand Dredge Barge was great because he is also in the sand mining industry, so he immediately contacted us to inquire about the parameters and information of the Marine Equipment Low Price Sand Dredger.

Because Daniel had always used excavators to get sand before, every time it rained, the river rose and the excavators did not work well, so our sales manager discussed his site situation with Daniel and he provided the necessary site parameters, such as the depth of the river, the type of sand, the required output per hour, the distance of transportation and other requirements.

Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Daniel requires 80 cubic meters of sand per hour. The river depth is 12 meters. The fine sand needs to be drained to 130 meters to dry and then loaded into trucks. At the same time, he also asked us to help make steel plates to cover the cabin. We recommended a 10-inch Sand Dredge Barge to Daniel, with an output of 100 cubic meters per hour and a maximum conveying distance of 200 meters.

This fully meets his needs. We can help with other details. Daniel said that everything depends on our opinion. He will ask a friend in China to help transfer the deposit because he has difficulty paying locally. We can accept all of these. Daniel praised our company as great.


With ordering, payment, and order, our sales manager has been communicating with Daniel to update the production of the 10-inch Sand Dredge Barge in a timely manner. At the same time, Daniel will promptly tell us to cooperate if he has new needs.

One month later, the production test was completed. After Daniel's friend paid the balance, our freight forwarder helped to order the container and load it to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

We take every customer seriously, hoping to reach a long-term partner, provide customers with perfect sand-pumping solutions, and bring good benefits to customers.
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship


Side pontoons(L*W*H)
6.8m*1m*1m, 2pcs
Middle hull(L*W*H)
Sand pump set
Model: 10inch sand pump
Sand capacity: 130ton/h
Discharge distance: 200m
Economical diesel engine.
Water pump set
High-quality 6-inch water pump.
Suction head
Discharge pipe
10-inch PE pipe with flanges.
Spare parts
sand pump impeller, pump case, guard plate, sealing gasket, engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, clutch disc, winch brake disc, etc.


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Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship


Company Profile

As a professional sand pump and dredger designer, manufacturer, and exporter, OCEAN Pump had been worked harder to become the leader to supply One Stop Sand Pumping Solutions to worldwide customers since 1997.  We have more than 30 talented sand pumping experts and strong teams responsible for product development, manufacturing, quality control, exporting, and sales service. We have our own manufacturing factory with professional technicians and advanced machines. By choosing OCEAN Pump, you choose a long-term professional partner for your sand pumping business.
OCEAN Pump Factory is located in Taian City, a famous tourist city near the expressway from Beijing to Shanghai, Shandong Province, China. As the leading Sand Dredge Barge designer and manufacturer, OCEAN Pump has its own 15,000 square meters state-of-art manufacturing factory. In recent years, we had invested more than 700,000 dollars into our modern manufacturing factory to improve the basic production facilities, working conditions, employee salary, welfare, technical and teamwork training, etc.

Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship
Easy Moving Portable Sand Dredger Ship



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