Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold

Looking for high-quality chain bucket river diamond dredging equipment for gold? Look no further! We are a factory specializing in manufacturing top-of-the-line dredging equipment.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Slot Type
2 Year
After-sales Service
Hull Dimension
Main Engine Power
Dredging Depth
Bucket Quantity
Chian Quantity
Total Power
Total Fuel Consumption
Main Engine Brand
Cummins Weichai
River . Lake .
Set Sail
Transportation Way
Sea Freight
Transport Package
Capacity 60m3-500m3
Set Sail
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

 Chain Bucket River diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
1.Chain bucket dredger discription :

 Setsail bucket chain dredgers are designed for different soil conditions especial  large rocks. With big dredging depth and low cost. this type of dredger is mostly suitable for projects like rivers lakes sand dredging. The dredger can complete the integrated procedures of sand excavation washing and separating so as fine sand will be got. Dredging work is done by the continuous running of buckets amounted on the bucket ladder. chain bucket dredger can combine with the mining machinery for river gold and diamond so on.

2.Product pictures:
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold

mining dredger overview :
 Chain bucket river mining dredger is used for river gold . diamond . tin and sand iron powder so on . The bucket chain gold dredger use the buckets, driven by guide wheels on continuous rotation on the bucket bridge. sand .mud and stone so on are digged by the bucket with chain from the water above .Bucket rotates around the underwater dredging wheel, scooping up the solid in the riverbed. then into the separating system, solids larger than 10 mm will go into the tail-box, tailing discharged to place far away from gold dredger. Less than 10 mm of material from the flow channel into the Gold Sands separation system, based on the difference between the relative density of sand and gold, gold will fall into the bottom since of the high density,sand and other material will float on the surface,and discharged to the tail system by water

 mining dredger application :
Our factory is a professtional enterprise in the mineral field . our chain bucket mining dredger is suitable for river .lake .reservoir and gangue so on . use bucket gold dredger can get the gold . diamond and orin ore and other minerals . outstanding performance can get 85%-95% in recovery percentage .meantime we can offer the first -class fine seletion equipment .

Working principle : Chain bucket mining dredger uses the bucket chain to digging the mixture from the river . lake and sea . mixture contains sand. stone .mud .gold and diamond so on . the mixture is transported to the drum screen the according to the different size of material to seprate . different size material into the different election equipment .  agiation chute and fixed chute for the river gold . jigging and centrifuge for diamond . all power from the generation sets to drive the all electrical motor .water pump and hydraulic equipment .  all tail material can recycline and into the river .

3.Basic parameter :
Type QH-60 QH-80 QH-100 QH-120 QH-150 QH-200 QH-300 QH-400
Total length  23m 25m 28m 35m 36m 42m 46m 49m
Main engine power 75kw 88kw 105kw 115kw 126kw 147kw 206kw 240kw
Max.dredging depth 8m 8m 10m 13m 16m 20m 25m 28m
Max. capacity 60m3 80m3 100m3 120m3 150m3 200m3 300m3 400m3
Total power  95kw 108kw 125kw 135kw 145kw 167kw 225kw 260kw
Total fuel consumption 14L/H 16L/H 19L/H 20L/H 22L/H 25L/H 34L/H 39L/H
Bucket quantity  64PCS 64PCS 64PCS 64PCS 64PCS 88PCS 88PCS 88PCS
 All these parameters are just for reference. We can provide the machine according to your different requirements.

4.Product advantage:
1. Highly cost efficiency 2.High efficiency and energy saving 
3. Long  service life and warrant 4. Easy transportation 
5.Outstanding durability reliable performance  6.High quality
7.Easy maintence  8. Service training 

5.Set sail chain bucket sand and mining dredger feature :

- Quality Control:

The main components of Setsail dredgers are all well-known brands at home and abroad like CAT. Cummins. Weichai Yuchai etc. which can ensure the efficiency and Long service working life.


- Modular Structure: 

The pontoon are connected by high strength bolt. With this cambined design. this equipment can be ensured to module structure and be transported and assembled easily.


Environmental Concept:

The cabin adopts new environmental protection material. which has the advantages of sound insulation and heat preservation and can effectively improve the working environment.

- Short Delivery Time

Setsail  will prepare various main components of dredgers in the workshop like diesel engine. dredging pump and cutter head. which can greatly shorten delivery time.

6.Chain bucket dredger is mached with mining machiery:
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold

7.Company profile :
Set Sail dredger factory covers an area of 1500 acres with more than 200 employees.
Factory has manufacture experience more than 20 years.
More than 50 certificated engineers and technicians.
We have certification and patent more than 50 item. It contains ISO CE etc.
Set Sail dredger is sold more than 80 countries .
We have full range of dredging equipment for CSD dredger . jet suction dredger,.Wheel bucket DredgerBucket chain dredger. gold mining equipment. work boat. Tailing suction dredger and sand transportation boat etc.
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
8.Customers and Certification:

Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold
Chain Bucket River Diamond Dredging Equipment for Gold


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